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Update finally!

09 Jul 2009

Hey, it's been a long long time! I'm still alive though. Finally got around to doing some house-cleaning here. Going to be doing some revamping and add some new stuff. Stay tuned!

More stuff.

06 Mar 2006

The art section now uses PHP for both the individual gallery entries and the main page, there's now also a rather crude zoom function for the entries in the Pixelart section. I'll be adding a comment box soon as well, so you all can let me know what you think.

Art section revamp!

03 Mar 2006

I'm currently changing the art section to be PHP enabled. This is a daunting undertaking for a non-programmer such as I. If something doesn't work, I'm probably aware of it and trying to figure out what the gark I messed up this time. As I work I'll be adding new art also, so keep checking!

Site is now online!

10 Feb 2006

The site is now up. Check out the art section! You can skip the biography unless you need a nap or something. I'll be updating as often as I deem necessary, so don't hold your breath or anything, not that you would, but I just like to cover all possibilities.